We have walls!

We are excited to announce that construction for The Virginia Library, in Masaani has begun!

Moving quickly!

Moving quickly!

Mr. Elijah is happy to report that the construction for the library is well underway. When the library is completed all members of the surrounding villages will have access to this valuable resource. Did you know that the community themselves raise a portion of funds for fthe library? We believe that partnering with small local villages gives them the best chance for long standing success. Want to learn more about what we are doing to increase education in rural Kenya? Contact us today!


Ground breaking!

Ground breaking for the Virginia library has officially begun. As you can see the students are very happy with the start of construction and have been very willing participants! Did you know that we ask the local community to first raise twenty percent of each library before we begin construction? When finished, this library will be open for use by the entire surrounding community. Thank you to our donors as well as the people of Masaani for making this possible. Education begins here!

Happy students! Excited for their new library.

Happy students! Excited for their new library.